IsoButyl Quinoline


CAS No. 65442-31-1

Odour (decreasing): earthy, shap-leather, rooty nutty oakmoss vetiver

Solvent: -none added

Main Synonyms: 6-sec-Butylquinoline; IBQ; iso-Butyl Quinoline; Pyralone

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Description and usage notes:

A classic leathery ingredient, also useful in animalic bases and recreation of oud and to boost the effect of oakmoss and it’s substitutes. Very long-lasting and effective fixative.

For details of the variants of isobutyl quinolene on the market, please see this blog post: The Quinolines

Arctander gives an interesting description of the odour “Woody-earthy-mossy, slightly spicy odor somewhat resembling Oakmoss (certain types of extract), Cardamom (with emphasis on the earthy notes) and, in extreme dilution, Ambre-like.” 

… and usage of this material: “Trace amounts are frequently used in perfume compositions along with tenacious (high boiling) fixatives such as Vetiver, Patchouli, macrocyclic musks, Oakmoss products, etc. If not properly fixed, the Quinoline odor will appear with undesirable strength in the dry-out of the fragrance. Effective concentrations may be less than 0.1 percent in the tots! perfume oil. The effect is more that of a general “lift” than actually an odor contribution, and the quinoline odor should not be part of the fragrance picture, but should appear with an undetectable note of radiation and strength.” 


Safety Data Sheet


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