CAS No. 81783-01-9

Odour (decreasing)Blackcurrant-bud, citrus-grapefruit, green-sage. Powerful

Solvent: IPM-TEC to form a 10% solution of Labienoxime, as supplied by Givaudan

Manufacturer: Givaudan

Main Synonyms: (NE)-N-[(6E)-2,4,4,7-tetramethylnona-6,8-dien-3-ylidene]hydroxylamine; cassis oxime

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Description and usage notes:

This material is only sold by Givaudan as a 10% solution in IPMTEC and that is what is being offered here.

Very powerful, it is best diluted further prior to use in blending unless you are working with large quantities.  We’ve been using this lovely material in our own work for years now and are very pleased to finally be able to offer it for sale.

The material combines exceptionally well with a range of fruity materials, adding depth and tenacity. A superior grapefruit accord can be made when it is used with Methyl Pamplemousse and Paradisamide for example.  It can add complexity and realism to peach accords with Nectarate, Nectarylgamma-decalactone, undecalactone and dodecalactone; or to pineapple accords with allyl hexanoate, allyl heptanoate, Manzanate and allyl cyclohexyl propionate.

Description from Givaudan: “Odor: Blackcurrant, Grapefruit, Green, Sage flower. Use: Labienoxime surprises with its natural, fresh, cassis, sage flower character. As a modifier, it blends well with accords where a fresh fruity, green aspect is needed – for example, citrus, modern lily-of-the-valley, lavender. Compared to other products in this olfactive register, Labienoxime is more linear and tenacious, including on fabric, and lacks the typical sulphury aspect.” 

Arcadi Boix Camps writing in 1999, describes it as “very strong and smells like cassis and bucchu, though less minty than sulfox and less bucchu than buccoxime.  I find it more papaya-like than those products.”

In 2009 he goes on to say “This is an incredibly strong chemical that, to me, is even more interesting that the more famous neocaspirene.  Labienoxime is more metallic and less fruity than neocaspirene – the former is stronger than the latter, yet its unique note gives accords of an incredible beauty and subtle harmony”. 


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