Lavender Aldehyde – pure


CAS No. 35158-25-9

Odour (decreasing)Dirty socks, herbal-lavender, woody-cedar, green

Solvent: none added (also available at 10% in ethanol)

Main Synonyms: isodihydrolavandulal, iso dihydro lavandulal, iso-dihydro lavandulyl aldehyde, isopropyl methyl hexenal

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Description and usage notes:

This is the pure, undiluted product for those applications where a dilution is unsuitable.  In this form it’s pretty rank smelling so approach with caution!

For most usage the 10% dilution we offer will be a more practical strength to work with.

Lavender aldehyde is one of the key odour character elements in natural lavender oil that makes it smell of lavender, despite being present at very low levels.

In fragrances it is an effective booster for natural lavender and can lend a natural aspect to recreations.  It also has, at low concentration, a very attractive refreshing, green note that you wouldn’t suspect from smelling the pure material.

Arctander describes, what was then a novel ingredient, like this: “Powerful, herbaceous-resinous, slightly minty odor with woody-Lavender-like undertone and moderate to poor tenacity.”


Safety Data Sheet


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