CAS No. 98-55-5

Odour (decreasing):  Floral-lilac, fresh, sweet, clean, pine

Solvent: IPM 50% (but see below for option to have none)

Manufacturer: IFF

Main Synonyms: alpha-Terpineol

See below for more description and documentation



Description and usage notes:

This is alpha-Terpineol but at a higher purity than usual and very nice. From IFF: ”Specially produced for fine perfumery. High purity offers outstanding odor value. Clean, delicate, sweet, lilac.”

In his extensive monograph on the subject, Arctander tells us that alpha-Terpineol is “one of the most commonly used of all perfume chemicals… As a basic component in Lilac perfumes and a major component of many varieties of Pine fragrances (lower grades of Terpineol will usually suffice) as common ingredient of Fougeres, Appleblossoms, fragrances for household products, soaps, detergents, etc. it has very little competition.” 

This is normally solid at room temperature and once solidified takes quite a bit of heat input to melt it again – so by default it is supplied at 50% in IPM – if you prefer pure we make a small additional charge to melt it for you but the price of the material itself is the same – please indicate your preference in the box at checkout.  Note that you only need to pay the melting charge once however much Lindenol you’re buying.


Safety Data Sheet


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