CAS No. 31906-04-4

Odour (decreasing): Floral-muguet, aldehydic, powdery. Very tenacious and radiant

Solvent: -none added.

Manufacturer: IFF

Main Synonyms: 4-(4-Methy14-h ydroxyamyl )-kyclohexene carboxaldehyde 

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Description and usage notes:

From IFF: “Floral, Muguet, Aldehydic Use: Soft delicate floral, lily, cyclamen, lilac note reminiscent of hydroxycitronellal. Extraordinary tenacity and diffusivity. A powerful blending agent giving richness throughout all dryout phases of a perfume composition.”

Arctander writes very enthusiastically about this material: “Lyral was at first believed to be of fixative value only, e. g. in high-class soap perfumes, etc. But it was soon discovered that Lyral has a floral volume which, when properly ‘cultivated’ by the creative perfumer, often outperforms Hydrocitronellal and any other floral chemical or combination of chemicals, its application is therefore continuously expanding from the single floral Muguet to become the ‘must’ in cosmetic fragrances where tenacity and sweet-powdery, stable terminal notes are called for. It blends excellently with the Ionones and with the conventional resinoids (Styrax, Tolu, Peru, etc. ) and it may either accompany Hydroxycitronellal or substitute it.

It is generally agreed that it is distinctly superior to Hydroxycitronellal in overall effect and stability.

Lyral is higher boiling than Hydroxycitronellal and seems to be more stable under normally mild, alkaline conditions.

It forms Schiff’s bases with Anthranilates, and condensation products with lndole, Skatole, Quinolines and a few other perfume materials.

The normal use concentration will be from 1 or 2% as a floral modifier or part-fixative to 6, 8 or 10% in typically floral and tenacious fragrances.”

See also Lyral Replacer by Pell Wall as Lyral will be almost certainly be completely banned by the EU in the next year or two.


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