m-Cresol, 1% in DPG


CAS No. 108-39-4

Odour (decreasing): Medicinal, woody, leather, phenolic

Solvent:  DPG to give a 1% solution of m-Cresol

Main Synonyms:  3-Cresol, meta-Cresol, meta-Cresylic acid, 3-hydroxytoluene, 3-methyl phenol

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Description and usage notes:

Cresol occurs naturally in jasmine absolute, creosote and myrrh among other places. The aroma is medical, woody, leather and phenolic. Used in traces to large effect.

The pure material is relatively toxic and requires specialist handling so it is supplied at 1% in DPG, which is safe to handle and still strong.

Arctander has this to say about it: “Dry-tarry, medicinal-leathery odor, conventionally described as ‘phenolic’. Useful as a floralizing companion to Indole in sharp-exotic flower fragrances, Lily (Bermuda-lily, etc.), Narcisse, etc. Concentration in the perfume composition will usually be about 0.1%, sometimes slightly higher, mostly lower than 0.1%.” 


Note that the SDS relates to the pure material – risks will be substantially reduced in dilution.

Safety Data Sheet


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