Melonal G


CAS No. 106-72-9, 77787-60-1

Odour (decreasing): Green, fruity-melon, cucumber. Powerful

Solvent: -none added

Manufacturer: Givaudan

Main Synonyms: 2,6-Dimethyl-5-Heptenal; dimethyl heptenal; melon heptenal

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Description and usage notes:

This is a powerful material, best used at less than 1%. Traces will add fresh, green top-notes to almost any fragrance type, slightly more will give an exotic, fruity-tropical tone to your composition

Description from Givaudan: “Melonal offers a powerful and unique note. It is effective in all types of fragrances and is invaluable in the creation of natural smelling marine and fruity-melon notes.” 

According to Arcadi Boix Camps, writing in 1978, “Melon-fruity products are playing a decisive role in the current evolution of perfumery. Let us mention cis-6-nonenol, with an absolutely natural and intense melon character, which could lead to important innovations in the future.

Moreover, dimethyl heptenal, called Melonal, has a very interesting fresh, tart odor of melon.  It should be treated with care because its effects are very intense.  Ethyl-alpha-dimethyl hydrodynamic aldehyde, called Floralozone, imparts an unusual body in perfumes for fabric softeners, where it enhances the whole perfume in a very surprising way.  It is interesting in rose-muguet blends with a top note of rose oxide.” 

Also try this material in a 1:100 proportion with Isobutylthiazole (so 1 part of the 0.1% dilution of isobutylthiazole to 1 part of a 10% solution of Melonal) to get a very good illusion of the smell of ripe Cantaloupe melons.  For even more veracity, add a little cis-6-nonenol as well.


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