CAS No. 56539-66-3

Odour (decreasing): Practically odourless

Solvent: n/a, material is a solvent

Manufacturer: Kuraray

Main Synonyms: 3-Methoxy-3-Methyl-1-Butanol, Methoxymethylbutanol

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Description and usage notes:

A new solvent especially useful in reed diffusers, room sprays and similar applications.

MMB is completely miscible with water in all proportions and although somewhat flammable when pure, adding just 10% water results in an unmeasurable flashpoint. Low oxidation and linear evaporation make it the solvent of choice for air care.

A good starting proportion for a reed diffuser application is:

  • 5% water
  • 20% aromatic materials (aroma chemicals & essential oils.  Avoid resins, solids and very viscous materials)
  • 75% MMB

Vary these to suit your application: more aromatics will make it stronger but you can also control the evaporation rate by changing the proportions of water and MMB (more water will slow it down, but you can’t add too much or it will go cloudy).  If you need an even faster evaporation rate than the above you could also add 5-20% ethanol (Perfumer’s Alcohol), reducing the MMB or water accordingly.


Safety Data Sheet

Certificate of Analysis

Product Data Sheet

Manufacturer’s Presentation on use in Air Fresheners a very user-friendly presentation of why this product works well in air care applications, includes several comparative graphs of evaporation rates and a detailed explanation of the advantages of its low-oxidation.  This is quite a large file in pdf format.



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