Naturals Starter Kit


A kit of 20 materials of natural origin, giving you a cheap way of adding multiple naturals to your palette.

10ml cobalt blue bottles of each material, all carefully labelled, are supplied in a strong, attractive black box that you can keep them in or use for something else.

A full list of what is included is in the product description below.


The Naturals Starter Kit has been put together to provide a good value way of adding a selection of materials of natural origin to your palette. Whether you’re completely new to perfume making or making the progression from using the simpler synthetic ingredients to decorating your compositions with naturals, this kit could be for you.  Or perhaps you just want some excellent value naturals: at the equivalent of under £4 each 10ml bottle, this is a cheap way of buying these materials even if you don’t need them all.

Most materials are supplied pure but some, either for ease of handling or because they are very powerful, are diluted as specified in the list (follow the links to find full details of the material in its individual product description):

Ingredients in the kit:

Please note that although these kits were originally specified with tamper evident caps with dropper inserts as shown in the pictures, the last of the kits made with them has now been sold, and future kits will be supplied with plain, polycone caps which make them easier to use with pipettes: we hope you’ll find this more convenient. 


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