CAS No. 113889-23-9

Odour (decreasing): Fruity-peach, ripe-juicy, woody-balsamic. Diffusive.

Solvent: -none- 100%

Manufacturer: IFF

Main Synonyms: cyclobutanate, fruity butanate



This is once of the easiest of the non-citrus fruity notes to use successfully, giving volume and diffusion to many kinds of fragrance. Exceptionally good in air-care applications. Description from IFF: “Odor: Pleasant, fruity, peach note with a slight woody undertone. Useful in a wide variety of fragrances giving a substantive fruity note even through washing cycles. Voluminous fruity note encompassing the nectar of peach, tropical pineapple with pleasant floral notes balanced within the aura of soft balsam woods. Fits very well in a large majority of end use categories providing a modernized alternative to traditional peach notes. It performs exceptionally well on damp fabric and has great room filling effect.” More voluminous but not as persistent as Nectaryl.


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