Nerolin Yara Yara


CAS No. 93-04-9

Odour (decreasing): Sweet, floral-neroli, orange blossom and acacia. Very diffusive. Fixative

Solvent: -none added

Main Synonyms: beta-Napthyl methyl ether, Nerolin 1, Yara-Yara

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Description and usage notes:

A powerful traditional perfumery material with a sweet floral aroma of orange blossom, acacia and neroli. Widely used in classic fragrances.  This is a highly refined >99% pure grade, made especially for use in perfumery.

It comes as powdery crystals, so we can also offer it in a solvent if preferred, but the pearlescent white crystals are rather beautiful and dissolve readily in ethanol so why not buy them as they are?

The diffusion and persistence of this product is really remarkable and it performs exceptionally well in air-care applications.

Arctander gives us some useful data: “The odor of highly purified material is intensely sweet, Orangeblossom-Acacia-like, very tenacious, but many commercial grades are poorly refined and display rather harsh
notes, an odor description generally used for this material…

This ether is used extensively in low-cost fragrances for household products, soaps, detergents (but rarely in dishwashing detergents), and particularly in products where heat-and-alkali-stability are required. It is also used as masking odor for acrylic or other ‘plastic’ odors, synthetic rubbers, etc., which requires good retentiveness.

A very inexpensive, non-purified grade is available for industrial masking purposes, and it offers powerful odor and good fixation. There is a considerable difference in price between the crude and the refined grades. [the crude] product is brownish, dark amber-colored or pale purple colored, usually in lumps of crystalline structure… [quite different from] the white refined product.” 


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