Neryl acetate


CAS No. 141-12-8

Odour (decreasing): Sweet, floral-rose, fresh, fruity-raspberry

Solvent: -none added

Main Synonyms: [(2Z)-3,7-dimethylocta-2,6-dienyl] acetate; nerol acetate

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Description and usage notes:

Rosier, softer, more powerful isomer of geranyl acetate.

According to Arctander: “This ester finds use in perfume compositions, when cost allows for it, for Neroli, Jasmin, floral and fruity fragrance types. lt costs several times more than Geranyl acetate, but has much more sweet and fruity power. Unfortunately, there are poorer grades of Nerylacetate on the market containing significant amounts of Geranylacetate which conceals the true olfactory effect of the title ester.” 


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