CAS No. 70788-30-6, 96632-01-8

Odour (decreasing): Dry-wood, driftwood, animal, amber

Solvent:  ethanol 50%;  but see below for option to have none added

Manufacturer: Firmenich

Main Synonyms: 1-(2,2,6-trimethylcyclohexyl)hexan-3-olTimber propanol; Timberol 

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Description and usage notes:

Extremely useful and powerful woody-amber-animal note that is highly persistent. This isn’t like most woody chemicals that evoke the smell of freshly cut woods of various kinds: Norlimbanol is more like the smell you get from a piece of driftwood that has been sitting in the sun. Very useful alongside the various amber materials, with labdanum and as part of a sandalwood accord.

Description from Firmenich: “Extremely powerful woody and animal amber note. NORLIMBANOL™ has a dry woody note in the patchouli direction”.

As described by Chandler Burr: “Norlimbanol is one of the most amazing scents around, a genius molecule that should be worth its weight in gold; Norlimbanol gives you, quite simply, the smell of extreme dryness, absolute desiccation, and if you smell it, you’ll understand that instantly—the molecule is, by itself, a multi-sensory Disney ride.”

According to the analysis of Scent and Chemistry, Norlimbanol is featured in extreme overdose in a number of Alessandro Gualtieri’s creations, including around 5% in Viride (Orto Parisi, 2014) and around 11% in Boccanera (Orto Parisi, 2014).

This is solid at room temperature but melts at about 60 Centigrade – so by default it is supplied at 50% in ethanol – if you prefer pure we make a small additional charge to melt it for you but the price of the material itself is the same – please indicate your preference in the box at checkout.  Note that you only need to pay the melting charge once however much Norlimbanol you’re buying.


Safety Data Sheet

Specification Sheet


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