Nutty Pyrazine


CAS No. 23747-48-0

Odour (decreasing): Sweet, nutty, roasted, earthy, coffee, popcorn

Solvent: IPM to form a 0.1% solution of nutty pyrazine

Main Synonyms: 5H-5-Methyl-6,7-dihydrocyclopenta[b]pyrazine



Description and usage notes:

As with all pyrazines this is used in tiny traces – Nutty Pyrazine at 0.1% in IPM has a powerful, sweet, nutty, roasted, toasted, earthy, grainy, coffee and popcorn odour with savoury nuances.

Even at this dilution this is a very powerful and diffusive material, that is present in the natural aroma of coffee as well as a range of nuts. Often used in the flavouring industry to enhance the scent of popcorn.

In fragrances most common as part of a chocolate or other gourmand aroma but can also be used as part of a nutty or smoky accord


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