Orange Flower Ether


CAS No. 14576-08-0

Odour (decreasing): Citrus-grapefruit and bergamot, fresh, neroli, orange flower

Solvent: -none added.

Manufacturer: IFF

Main Synonyms:  alpha-terpinyl methyl ether, 4-(2-Methoxypropan-2-yl)-1-methylcyclohexene, Terpinyl methyl ether

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Description and usage notes:

Very nice top-note that adds a floral quality as well as citrus: distinctly grapefruit in character. Typically used at 5% or less in the fragrance concentrate, it gives good performance in fine fragrance, liquid products such as shower gels and shampoos and can also be used in candles.

This is original IFF material, manufactured by them to a minimum 94% purity (mixed isomers).  This is their odour description: “Citrus (grapefruit) note also reminiscent of bergamot. Occurs naturally in orange flowers.”

This is from the IFF product specification:

  • CAS Number: 14576-08-0
  • EINECS Number: 238-620-0
  • Vapor Pressure: 0.074359 mmHg at 23C
  • Specific Gravity: 0.8960 to 0.9040
  • Flashpoint: 82 Centigrade
  • Log P: 4.03
  • Color: COLORLESS
  • Physical State: LIQUID
  • Appearance: CLEAR LIQUID
  • Substantivity: 3 hours


Safety Data Sheet


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