Orange, Sweet – Californian


CAS No. 8008-57-9

Odour (decreasing): Orange-peel, fresh, sweet, sharp

Solvent: -none added.

Main Synonyms: Citrus sinensis; Citrus x sinensis; Citrus aurantium, varietas dulcis; Citrus aurantium, Sweet Orange Group 



Description and usage notes:

A good quality, ordinary, sweet orange oil. One of the most widely used natural products in perfumery and an essential of the palette.  A classic top note, sweet orange oil is one of the most fleeting elements, typically lasting only a few minutes on the skin.

Arctander: “Expressed sweet orange oil is a pale orange-yellow to dark orange or olive-orange, occasionally brownish-orange colored mobile liquid which has a sweet, light and fresh, fruity-aldehydic odor and flavor, distinctly reminiscent of the odor from a scratched sweet orange peel.” 

This particular oil, from California, USA is mechanically expressed from the fruit prior to juice extraction and is a light orange-yellow colour.


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