Orris Givco

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CAS No.  N/A Orris recreation

Odour (decreasing): Floral-orris and violet. Very diffusive

Solvent: -none added

Manufacturer: Givaudan

See below for more description and documentation



Description and usage notes:

Now very difficult to buy in quantities of less than 5Kg, this is a very special base designed by Givaudan using captive molecules.

It is an extremely diffusive, accurate rendition of the scent of orris butter, but a mobile liquid and of course, far cheaper.

Givaudan certify that the blend contains the following materials that are restricted by IFRA standards:

Name CAS No. Amount present
1-(5,5-DIMETHYL-1-CYCLOHEXEN-1-YL) PENT-4-EN-1-ONE (better known as Galbascone or Dynascone) 56973-85-4 0.004%
CITRONELLOL 106-22-9 0.003%
GERANIOL 106-24-1 0.014%

And as a result the IFRA Restrictions (48th amendment) give a maximum permitted amount (applies to the finished consumer product) as follows:

IFRA category Maximum level of use (%) (w/w)
1 0.00
2 25.76
3A 25.76
3B 25.76
3C 25.76
3D 25.76
4A 25.76
4B 25.76
4C 25.76
4D 25.76
5 25.76
7A 25.76
7B 25.76
8A 25.76
8B 25.76
9A 25.76
9B 25.76
9C 25.76
10A 25.76
10B 25.76
11 100.00


Safety Data Sheet

IFRA Certificate

Certificate of Analysis

4 reviews for Orris Givco

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    cristoforimaurizio (verified owner)

    With great care Pell Wall describes the allergens that contains this base and is a very important thing. Orris Givco can buy in small quantities is very difficult but here you can have savings and quality. This Orris has a strong floral-woody smell. Finds its place in every floral blend.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ben (verified owner)

    Certainly recognise this from a few perfumes! To me it has a good amount of that rooty/lipstick Iris smell which I love. High quality, smells good.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    charlotte_emma.john (verified owner)

    Lovely cool, powdery orris accord. Nicely balanced between rooty and floral.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ahmed (verified owner)

    A lovely lipstick iris beautiful , i get a little bit of a pencil (i mean that in agood way)

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