CAS No. 19819-98-8

Odour (decreasing): Floral-paeony and rose, green, dewy. Diffusive

Solvent: -none added

Manufacturer (if known): IFF

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Description and usage notes:

A useful middle-to-top note that is primarily floral. Blends very well with Centifolether, Peonile and all rose and geranium products.

Description from IFF: “Natural floral, peony, mimosa, rose, green, earthy, wet, cyclamen.”

Arcadi Boix Camps in 1999, writes enthusiastically about this material: “very interesting but not often used is peomosa (2-Methylphenylethyl alcohol). This product could and should be as important as beta-Phenylethyl alcohol because it smells very naturally of a fresh rose petal. I believe it will be used sooner or later in fragrances in large quantities.” 


Safety Data Sheet


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