Pharaone 10% in DPG

CAS No. 313973-37-4

Odour (decreasing): Green-herbal, fruity-pineapple. Diffusive. Powerful

Solvent:  DPG to form a 10% solution (this is the form in which it is supplied by Givaudan)

Manufacturer: Givaudan

Main Synonyms: 2-cyclohexyl-1,6-heptadien-3-one, pineapple heptadienone.

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Description and usage notes:

Pharaone is a very powerful material even at 10% in DPG, as supplied by the manufacturer Givaudan, it is extremely useful for adding freshness, and a lasting pineapple quality to fragrances.

Givaudan describe their product like this: “Odor: Green, Pineapple, Fruity, Herbaceous. Use: Pharaone 10% is extremely powerful and diffusive . It gives freshness and lift to the top and mid notes. Pharaone 10% has a new fruity green, natural aspect which adds value to both consumer products and fine fragrance creation. It is suitable in all kind of accords, especially citrus, floral, fruity, green, woody, agrestic and fougère.” 

Arcadi Boix Camps writes extensively, in 2009, about this material describing it as:  “an incredible and beautiful chemical… simultaneously citrus-grapefruit and galbanum-like.” he goes on to say that “although very new I see a fantastic future for the material … Accords of Pharaone with Labienoxime are great” and “Accords of Pharaone with cedrat coeur, expressed lime oil, grapefruit oil and various grapefruit chemicals are so novel that one can foresee a compelling age coming for this sensational chemical. When mixed with Spirogalbanone its fixation is improved greatly and its effects mark the fragrance from the top note to the last remaining dry down.” 



Safety Data Sheet

Certificate of Analysis


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