Phenylethyl Salicylate


CAS No. 87-22-9

Odour (decreasing): Mild, sweet-balsam, floral-carnation, hyacinth and rose. Fixative

Solvent: -none added

Main Synonyms: Phenyl ethyl salicylate

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Description and usage notes:

Another neglected perfumery material that deserves to be rediscovered: this comes as white crystals that dissolve readily in ethanol, it’s an excellent fixative for floral compositions and effective blending agent as well.

Here’s Arctander talking about its uses: “This material is very well known, but not extensively used … the ester enjoys much popularity from a group of steady users who know the virtues of this versatile material.

As a fixative in Lily, Muguet, Lilac, Rose, Carnation, Honey, Clover, etc. it has excellent results on its record, and as a blender for highly ‘chemical’ perfumes it can do small wonders.

However, the title material does appear on the market in various grades, some of which are quite unacceptable, even some with phenolic off-odor. The ester blends particularly well with Cinnamic alcohol, Methylionones, Labdanum, the carbinols, etc. and as an undertone in more refined types of Fougere, it offers interesting possibilities.” 

The material offered here is of at least 97% purity and free from off-odours.


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