Potato Pyrazine


CAS No. 14667-55-1

Odour (decreasing): chocolate, hazelnut, baked-potato, musty, natural, nutty, roasted.

Solvent: IPM to form a 0.1% solution of potato pyrazine

Main Synonyms: 2,3,5-Trimethylpyrazine

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Description and usage notes:

As with all pyrazines this is used in tiny traces – Potato Pyrazine at 0.1% in IPM it is strongly chocolate as well as baked potato and hazelnut. There is a powdery cocoa aspect as well as a musty note.

Naturally present in bread, some cheeses and chocolate as well as the potato it is named for, this is a surprisingly versatile material that is used as a component in modern cocoa flavours as well as coffee, bread and roast nuts.  According to Scent & Chemistry it is a component in Chocovan, the base by Givaudan, used in, among others, Bornéo 1834 (Serge Lutens, by Christopher Sheldrake).

It can contribute all these notes to fragrance but, even more than most pyrazines it requires heavy dilution to be effective. Excellent in a gourmand when properly dosed.

For a raw-potato note consider Earthy Pyrazine instead.  For another pyrazine suitable for chocolate accords, see Cocoa Pyrazine and for details of other materials useful in constructing an authentic chocolate or cocoa accord, see the entry for Cocoa Hexenal.


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