Precyclemone B


CAS No. 52474-60-9

Odour (decreasing): Fresh-ozonic, clean, outdoors, aldehydic, waxy

Solvent: -none added

Manufacturer: IFF

Main Synonyms: 1-methyl-3-(4-methylpent-3-enyl)cyclohex-3-ene-1-carbaldehyde, myrmac aldehyde

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Very good freshening agent of wide application – works wonderfully with citrus oils, but also has a very nice affinity with Florhydral among many others.

Description from IFF: “Clean, tenacious, ozone note with aldehydic warmth and diffusion. Booster for fragrances requiring fresh outdoors effect.”

Arcadi Boix Camps mentions this material only briefly in 1985 when he notes its “interesting fruity shades” but by 1999 he’s a bit more forthcoming, describing its odour as “pure ozonic, marine, radiant, clean and strongly diffusive”.

He goes on to say that it “is used extensively in many fragrances that have succeeded in the market partially due to the auratic effects of the prominent chemical that makes the fragrance far more noticeable.  It has been applied in fragrances such as Dolce Vita, Eternity for Men, XS for Men, Cool Water for Men, Horizon, Duende, Escape for men, Flore, Herrera for Men, Creed, Faconnable, and O de Lancancome for Men.”


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