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Deceptively strong material of great diffusiveness and power, normally used at less than 1% of the fragrance concentrate.

Arctander discusses both its uses and limitations: “has found some use in perfume compositions for its powerful, herbaceous-floral effect, and for an overall character less pungent and less chemical than Acetophenone.

Its odor has some similarity to that of Ethylbenzoate, and it can be used in discrete amounts in Lilac, higher proportions in Hawthorne, Wisteria, Fougere, etc. It blends well with Cananga, Amylsalicylate, Anisaldehyde, Lavandin oil, etc. and it is relatively inexpensive.

It has that feature in common with Acetophenone, that it may produce truly pleasant olfactory effect in the hands of a skilled and experienced artist-perfumer, while it too often comes out rather ‘loud’ of a compound created with less skill.”


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