Relaxed Repose by Pell Wall 100ml
Art Deco style packaging for 100ml and 30ml sizesRelaxed Repose Scent PyramidRelaxed Repose by Pell Wall 100mlRelaxed Repose by Pell Wall 100mlRelaxed Repose by Pell Wall 100ml

Relaxed Repose


An all-natural fragrance that still smells, and lasts, like a real perfume.  Top quality lavender and basil are supported with relaxing resins and calming opoponax. Subtle rose, jasmine and orange flower complete rounded effect.

In this fragrance only completely natural ingredients have been used.

The immediate notes of alpine lavender and basil are supported by precious flower oils, including jasmine, orange blossom and rose together with long-lasting sandalwood and opopanax to ensure the scent remains delightful for many hours.

A soft, calming fragrance designed to be suitable to use on your skin to relax your mind and improve your mood. Perfect for a relaxing evening-in with a film or a book.

Alternatively you could use it as a very upmarket pillow-spray at bedtime to enhance the quality of your sleep.

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Relaxed Repose Scent Pyramid
Relaxed Repose Scent Notes

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100ml, 30ml, 50ml, 60ml


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