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CAS No. 236391-76-7

Odour (decreasing): Musk, sweet, fruity-berry, ambrette

Solvent: -none added

Manufacturer:  Firmenich

Main Synonyms: acetic acid, (1-oxopropoxy)-1-(3,3-dimethylcyclohexyl) ethyl ester

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Description and usage notes:

An excellent, delicate, modern, alicyclic musk having some of the character of both polycyclic and aromatic musks it has the advantages that very few people are anosmic to it and its greater diffusion makes it effective even in the opening notes of the fragrance.

It is easy to use – it’s a mobile liquid at room temperature – and dosage levels can be from below 1% right up to 50% of the fragrance concentrate. Can be used to replace Galaxolide on a like-for-like basis and has the advantage that, as well as being much more liquid, it’s readily biodegradable.

Firmenich description: “Odor: Very delicate musky note, less fruity and less Ambrette than Helvetolide® with more tenacity and more volume on the dry down. Use: This alicyclic topnote musk is easily perceived by all users. It has a PCM-like character with berry topnotes and ambrette like nuances. It can be used as a PCM replacer and is stable in most applications. Resembles the closest musk to Galaxolide® in character.” 

Arcadi Boix Camps, writing in 2004, says of Romandolide: “This material is clean, heavy, long-lasting, and similar to Galaxolide in many respects – though it is less fruity and more camphoraceous. … Although more diffusive than macrocyclic and polycyclic musks, the material performs in a way quite similar to these musk chemicals. Romandolide is just now finding use in perfumes including Absolu de Rochas and Angel Schlesser for men.”


Safety Data Sheet

5 reviews for Romandolide

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nadeem Hafesji (verified owner)

    Again I would like to thank Chris for great customer sevice and this product is very musky and sweet and amberette. If you twist this with Helvetolide in an oriental middle eastern fragrance you will be making a fusion of the east and west. A very nice white musk.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    sharon (verified owner)

    You had me at ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘perceived by all’.

    When I swapped out Galaxolide for Romandolide in my musk accord, it went from the doghouse to the penthouse-from the pound store to Harrods.

    Certainly more costly than Galaxolide, but if you want to upscale your composition, give Romandolide a try, and bask in it’s slightly fruity, slightly powdery lovliness.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    DH (verified owner)

    Seems to work very well as a replacement for Galaxolide. Maybe not quite as clean, but close enough. I like that it is a liquid. Galaxolide at 50% annoys me, because sometimes I want to overdose it and then end up with lots of solvent in the formula. This is a good alternative, and given that it is at 100%, it is affordable too.

  4. Rated 4 out of 5

    Thomas FRANZETTI (verified owner)

    Brilliant but it is not as clean as Galaxolide. Diffusion, however, is very good.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    thefragrantmind (verified owner)

    A lovely and easy to work with material, useful in many accords.

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