Sakura Salicylate


CAS No. 79915-74-5

Odour (decreasing): Floral-cherry blossom, sweet, mild, balsamic

Solvent: -none added

Manufacturer: Takasago

Main Synonyms: 2-Isopropoxyethyl salicylate

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Description and usage notes:

An extremely interesting and unusual ingredient from Takasago, this material is offered both as an alternative to benzyl salicylate, with which is shares many properties, for applications where the IFRA restrictions or labelling requirements of the latter might be a problem; but also as a fine aromatic ingredient in its own right.

Sakura Salicylate is made by Takasago to greater than 98% purity. They describe it like this: “Odor: sweet, floral, balsamic. Use: Used in floral fragrances and as a substitute for Benzyl Salicylate”. They aren’t giving much away with that are they?  It has a delicate, light, but persistent cherry-blossom fragrance as well as all the advantages in terms of fixation and blending that you get with the better known benzyl salicylate.

Takasago do give us quite a bit of factual information though:

  • Typical use level is from traces to over 5%
  • bloom is good, stability in alcoholic fragrance, liquid detergent and antiperspirants is good, while in fabric softener, soap and toiletries it is fair
  • Substantivity on skin, wet fabric, dry fabric and hair are all good.
  • Tenacity on a blotter is 12 hours or more


Safety Data Sheet

Specification Sheet


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