Sauvignone 100


CAS No. 851768-51-9

Odour (decreasing): Fresh, diffusive, earthy, dewy, fruity-grape. Powerful

Solvent: none added, but see below for details of the composition of this product and see also the Sauvignone 10 and Sauvignone 1 products for less concentrated options.

Manufacturer: Takasago

Main Synonyms: 5-Mercapto-5-Methyl-3-hexanone

See below for more description and documentation



Description and usage notes:

Can be used in perfumes only in the barest traces to add realism to gourmand, fruity and green fragrance types, especially where a tropical effect is desired.

This material is supplied by Takasago at 100 parts per million in TEC, hence the ‘100’ designation in the name.

They describe the materials as:

Odor Description
Sparkling Citrus, Grape
Application Information
Very effective in air care and watery applications where traces already provide interesting effects, obviously in fruity notes.
Typical Use Level: Up to 1%

But we’re not sure that gives you any sense of just how powerful this material is – at this concentration it’s unpleasantly sulphurous in the direction of blackcurrant bud absolute – though you can detect the wine-like quality, it’s not immediately easy to see how it’s going to give a sparkling citrus effect: significant further dilution is necessary prior to use on anything but a very large scale in the opinion of this perfumer.

As a result we are also offering Sauvignone 10 and Sauvignone 1 – one tenth and one hundredth the power of the material in this product respectively, and still so powerful that you’ll need to treat them as you would one of our pyrazines.

The following further details are provided by Takasago:

Skin Poor
Dry Fabric Poor
Wet Fabric Good
Hair Poor
Tenacity on Blotter 0.5 day
Diffusivity Very diffusive



Safety Data Sheet

IFRA Certificate

Certificate of Analysis


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