CAS No. 224031-70-3

Odour (decreasing): Green-galbanum, fruity-pineapple. Powerful and substantive

Solvent: -none added

Manufacturer: Givaudan

Main Synonyms: 1-(spiro[4.5]dec-7-en-7-yl)pent-4-en-1-one

See below for more description and documentation.  See also Spirogalbanone at 10% in IPM



Description and usage notes:

Very powerful material, manufactured by Givaudan, normally used in high dilution.

From Givaudan: “Odor: Green, Galbanum, Fruity, Pineapple, Powerful. Use: a powerful green galbanum note, accompanied by fruit facets. As such, Spirogalbanone has the same olfactive profile as classical green galbanum molecules but it differentiates itself thanks to its outstanding substantivity. In addition to its fresh green galbanum volume, its excellent stability allows for use in all applications, especially in those where performance and substantivity are sought.” 

Arcadi Boix Camps wrote extensively, and enthusiastically, about Spirogalbanone in 2009.  He points out that although the odour is very similar to that of materials such as Allyl Amyl Glycolate, Dynascone, Pharaone, Galbaniff and neobutenone it has the advantage that while the latter four last two or three days on a smelling strip, Spirogalbanone lasts about two weeks.  This, he says, “is a supreme characteristic, a radical difference.”  he goes on to point out that it “imparts an important synergistic effect” on those other materials, acting as a fixative for them.  Furthermore he says it is “very clean and extremely diffusive” when compared to galbanum absolute or resinoid.

This exceptionally powerful material is normally used in traces to 0.1% of the fragrance compound and so we also offer it at 10% in IPM for those who normally work in smaller quantities.


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