Tabanon (Symrise)


CAS No. 13215-88-8

Odour (decreasing): Warm-tobacco, sweet, fruity-plum, acorn, dry. Very powerful

Solvent: -none added

Manufacturer: Symrise

Main Synonyms: butenylidene trimethyl cyclohexenone, megastigmatrienone, tababone, tabanone, (E,E/E,Z)-tobacco cyclohexenone

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Description and usage notes:

Manufactured by Symrise, this is a very powerful, diffusive material that gives a strong tobacco note with fruty-plum aspects: use in traces for a big effect.

The chemical occurs naturally in both tobacco and also osmanthus flowers among other things. Rarely offered in small amounts.

Arcadi Boix Camps, writes in 1985 about this material with great enthusiasm describing it as “a product of supreme importance both in the perfumery of the future and the chemical composition of todays tobacco. It has indescribable tobacco scents, is fruity, radiant, powerful and brilliant. Its use may lead us to a new era in perfumery. I have no hesitation in placing this aromaic chemical among the elite of the chemical products that include Hedione, the irones, the Damascones, and theaspirane


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