CAS No. 77-93-0

Odour (decreasing): Practically odourless

Solvent: -n/a – material is a solvent

Main Synonyms: Tri Ethyl Citrate

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Description and usage notes:

Another of the standard perfumery solvents particularly useful for resins and resinoids. Non-flammable, non-sticky and mobile.

The LogP value for this solvent is 1.27 – relatively low compared to a solvent like IPM – making it suitable for materials with a hydrophilic nature.

Triethyl citrate is quite widely used by the major manufacturers as a diluent for appropriate, powerful materials.

Arctander considered that it had other values as well however: “Very mild, but sweet and pleasant, winey – fruity, Plum-1ike odor …

The title ester was developed for purposes other than perfumery and flavor work, but it has become quite popular as a blender, solvent or diluent in perfumes and – particularly – in flavor compositions. The effect in a perfume composition is somewhat more than that of a diluent, since the ester, when blended with more volatile materials, does contribute a soft, mellow, warm-fruity undertone and often also a winey-sweet topnote to a fragrance.  It is particularly interesting in Rose bases” 


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