Terpinyl acetate


CAS No. 80-26-2

Odour (decreasing):  Floral-lavender, herbaceous, fresh, sweet, clean, lime, bergamot

Solvent: none added

Main Synonyms: lindenyl acetate; para-Menthenol acetate; Terpeneol acetate; alpha-Terpenyl acetate

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Description and usage notes:

Helpful in a variety of fragrance types for extending the fresh acetate top-notes and adding complexity and spice to those.  The material occurs widely in a range of essential oils and other natural products.  It is stable in almost all media and very easy to use.

The material consists of mixed isomers, primarily the alpha form and is at a minimum 95% purity.  Usage ranges from as little as 1% right up to 30% of the fragrance concentrate.

Arctander describes the odour as Mildly herbaceous, sweet and refreshing odor of spicy Bergamot-Lavender type, with
variations into piney notes according to the quality of the ester. Overall much weaker than Linalyl acetate, but of slightly better tenacity.” 

According to Calkin & Jellineck point out that esters can sometimes hydrolyse in the presence of acid or alkaline conditions which can result in substantially problematic off odours appearing and suggest that “In products where this is likely to be a problem terpinyl acetate is often used to replace linalyl acetate.” 


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