Tolu Balsam at 30% in TEC


CAS No. 9000-64-1

Odour (decreasing): Sweet-balsamic, ambery, spicy-cinnamic, fruity

Solvent: TEC to form a 30% solution of Tolu Balsam 

Main Synonyms: Myroxylon balsamum

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Description and usage notes:

In its natural state Tolu Balsam is rock-hard and quite difficult to handle – it fractures like glass in this state – it is produced from Myroxylon balsamum and gives an extremely long-lasting sweet-balsamic note with cinnamic, slightly floral and vanillic qualities.

It is an excellent natural fixative, normally used at around 4% of the concentrate for this purpose.

Here diluted to 30% in TEC making it an easy-to use pourable liquid that dissolves readily in ethanol: in this blog post, the process of doing the dilution is documented with pictures and video.




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