Tomato Leaf Givco


Odour (decreasing): Green-tomato leaves, fruity-tomato

Solvent: -none added

Manufacturer (if known): Givaudan

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Description and usage notes:

Unfortunately Tomato Leaf Givco has been discontinued by Givaudan and is no-longer available.  We will shortly be releasing a Pell Wall developed replacement: watch this space!

From Givaudan: “Tomato Leaf Givco has a green, natural tomato leaf note. Used as a top note ingredient, it imparts a powerful fresh-natural effect and also provides green volume to all perfumes. It can be used in hair care fragrance where it produces new and original twist as well as in soap to enhance the natural effect. Designed for use as a top and middle note it gives freshness and naturalness to all composition. With its aromatic green vegetal balance, it is well accepted for shampoo and soap top note. It can be used in a wide variety of fragrances from citrus to chypres. Its good diffusivity performs well in most functional products. It provides excellent base malodour coverage.”


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