trans-2-cis-6-nonadienal 1%


Cucumber Aldehyde

CAS No. 557-48-2

Odour (decreasing): Green-cucumber, Floral-violet, fresh, clean. Diffusive

Solvent: – ethanol to form a 1% solution of trans-2-cis-6-nonadienal

Main Synonyms: cucumber aldehyde, violet leaf aldehyde

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Description and usage notes:

This powerful and remarkable substance is a constituent of the scent of the sweet violet flower, the major contributor to the aroma of freshly cut cucumber and present in melon and in traces in many flower scents.  As well as for recreating these notes it can be used in the smallest of traces to add freshness, brightness and naturalness to many types of fragrance. Very easy to overdose, it us usually used in high dilution.

This alkadienal is more stable than most aldehydes, particularly in ethanol.  The parent alcohol trans-2-cis-6-nonadienol is also available from Pell Wall.

According to Arctander it has: “Extremely powerful and very diffusive green-vegetable odor, only in dilution reminiscent (strikingly) of Cucumber or Violet leaf.  …[it has] application to Violet, Cucumber bases (e. g. for handlotions, etc.) and as trace ingredient in new, fresh topnote-compositions, etc. It is interesting in artificial Narcisse.” 

Because this is such a powerful and expensive material it is offered here at 1% in ethanol.  Should you need it for an application where ethanol would not be appropriate please contact us – we may be able to help.


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