trans-2-Hexenal 0.1%


Leaf Aldehyde

CAS No. 6728-26-3

Odour (decreasing): Leafy-green, fruity-apple, sweet, fresh . Diffusive

Solvent: – ethanol to form a 0.1% solution of trans-2-Hexenal

Main Synonyms: beta-propyl acrolein; leaf aldehyde; trans-2-hexenyl aldehyde; T2-hexenal

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Description and usage notes:

This powerful and surprisingly versatile material is used to add natural green, fresh notes to fragrances. Very easy to overdose, and also heavily restricted by IFRA (0.002% in the finished consumer product with some exceptions), it us usually used in minute traces and high dilution.

This material is often referred to as Leaf Aldehyde but should not be confused with cis-3-Hexenal, which is also sometimes known by that name.

According to Arctander it has a: “Powerful green-fruity, pungent vegetabie-like odor, pungent in high concentrations, almost acrylic-sharp, but pleasant fruity and fresh-green in dilutions below 0.1%. Used in perfume compositions as part of fresh-green, natural topnote complexes, often in delicately floral or fruity fragrance types, and in general as a fresh top note”   He goes on to suggest that it works exceptionally well with the very sweet materials such as Ethyl Maltol, Strawberry Furanone and so on.

Because this is such a powerful material it is offered here at 0.1% in ethanol.  Should you need it for an application where ethanol would not be appropriate please contact us – we may be able to help.


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