Tridecanal, 1%


CAS No. 10486-19-8

Odour (decreasing): fresh-aldehydic, clean, citrus, floral-petal, grapefruit-peel, waxy, ambergris. Powerful and tenacious

Solvent: – Ethanol (denat.) to form a 1% solution of Tridecanal.

Main Synonyms:  Aldehyde C13, Avalone, Avalone M, n-Tridecanal, tridecyl aldehyde

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Description and usage notes:

A rarely offered and unusual aldehyde that occurs widely in nature, mainly in citrus but also in cilantro / coriander leaf and cistus / labdanum oils.  Not to be confused with 2-Tridecenal.

In fragrances it is useful to add lift, freshness and diffusion to many types of composition especially heavy florals. It is rare that more than a trace is used even in citrus-type fragrances.

Arctander says that it has a “Powerful waxy, fresh-citrusy, grapefruit-peel-like odor with slightly floral, petal-like waxy character and good tenacity.

The dry freshness has some resemblance to notes in the Ambregris complex.

This aldehyde, although not very common, has found use in perfume compositions for its power and freshness, equally useful in top- notes and in the heart of the fragrance. It combines delightfully with Oakmoss and Ambregris materials, with Ionones and Jas- min materials, etc.

It is often used in Honeysuckle and other heavy florals where it distracts from overly sweet, floral or fruity notes, while the tenacity of the fragrance is maintained.” 

Arcadi Boix Camps, writing in 1978 bemoaned that “We have forgotten aldehyde C13, or n-tridecanal, which is present in important bases and is perhaps one of the more untested chemicals.  It blends excellently with the floral parts of sandalwood oil and vetiveryl acetate, creating accords full of beauty.” 

The material offered here is predominately the trans isomer, at a minimum 95% purity (prior to dilution to 1% by Pell Wall) and stabilised with 0.05-1% α-tocopherol.

This material is both extremely powerful and expensive and as such is presented for sale at 1% in Ethanol: should you need Tridecanal for an application in which ethanol would not be appropriate, please contact us, we may be able to help.


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