Tubereuse 184108

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CAS No. – n/a 

Odour (decreasing): Tuberose

Solvent: -none added

Manufacturer: Firmenich

Main Synonyms:  tuberose absolute, synthetic

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Description and usage notes:

This is a Firmenich recreation of tuberose absolute, very tenacious, radiant and characteristic of the flowers.

A really excellent product, effective in small doses and much more versatile than might be expected: small amounts can enhance herbal and other floral compositions significantly as well as being essential for a good tuberose note.

According to Firmenich the following limitations apply to the use of this material under the EU regulation: REGULATION (EC) No 1223/2009 ON COSMETIC PRODUCTS

Application type Maximum permitted concentration in the final product w/w
Fine fragrance 12.79%
Toilet Waters and Colognes 12.79%
Fragrancing Creams 12.79%
Other products not rinsed off skin 12.79%
Products which are rinsed off skin 63.99%
Non-skin contact products No restriction
Oral hygiene products Not permitted
Intimate hygiene products 12.79%
Sun care products 12.79%

The IFRA limitation on on the use of this product is slightly different at 27.72% for most product categories, with the following exceptions:

  • it is not permitted in categories 1A or 6
  • has a restriction of 11.08% in categories 1B and 2
  • of 22.17% in categories 7A and 7B
  • no restrictions in categories 11A and 11B.

The above assumes that the product you’re using it in does not contain any of the materials restricted by IFRA that are in this product: if it does you’ll need to take account of the total amount and to do that you need to know the amounts of the relevant products it contains.  These are the materials subject to IFRA limits in Tubereuse 184108:

Name CAS No. QTY in product
alpha-Methylcinnamaldehyde 101-39-3 0.1000 %
Benzyl Alcohol 100-51-6 0.0017 %
Benzyl Benzoate 120-51-4 0.0005 %
Citral 5392-40-5 0.0031 %
Citronellol 106-22-9 0.1822 %
Estragole 140-67-0 0.0010 %
Eugenol 97-53-0 1.8035 %
Geraniol 106-24-1 0.4212 %
Isoeugenol 97-54-1 0.0305 %
Methyleugenol 93-15-2 0.0006 %
Phenylacetaldehyde 122-78-1 0.0005 %


Safety Data Sheet

1 review for Tubereuse 184108

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    cristoforimaurizio (verified owner)

    This Tuberose is powerful, natural and very diffusive. It blends well in many floral fragrances giving that feminine touch that only the Tuberose does it very well.

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