Vandor B


CAS No. 5435-64-3

Odour (decreasing): Floral-lily and rose, fresh-aldehydic, green, clean

Solvent: -none- 100%       Manufacturer (if known): IFF

Main Synonyms: 3,5,5- trimethyl hexanal, green hexanal, iso-nonyl aldehyde, santanal, verdinal

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Description and usage notes:

Powerful, pungent aldehydic, with green note; on dilution fresh & clean; made by IFF.

Arctander says that “This aldehyde, more conspicuous by its absence from so many perfume laboratories, is used with excellent effect by the few who really enjoy experimenting with unconventional materials. In effect more versatile than Methyl nonyl acetaldehyde, it creates floral-diffusive top-notes in a Lily or Muguet, freshness in Mimosa or Rose, gives clean and airy topnotes to Citrus fragrances, etc.”

By 1985 Arcadi Boix Camps commends it to perfumers as similar to Aldehyde C9 in strength “but with a more modern, more floral and less citronellic note”


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